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Trimix is a breathing gas, consisting of oxygen, helium and nitrogen It is often used in commercial deep diving or technical sport diving. With a mixture of three gases it is possible to create mixes suitable for different depths or purposes by adjusting the amount of each gas. The mixture of helium and oxygen (with 0% nitrogen content) is generally known as Heliox At Meridiano 87 we have the standard trimix mixes; however we can produce any combination of trimix or heliox you may require. Additionally we have all the deco gases you might need for a deep dive in Cozumel, Nitrox 80, Nitrox 50, Pure Oxygen and Argon.


Always dive within your own range of experience and knowledge. Never use Trimix if you have not been certified to use it while diving.

Where quality is the key

At Meridiano, our primary objective is your safety via quality systems and controls. When it comes to preparing TRIMIX or HELIOX loaded tanks, we use a state of the art cascade filling system. For this process we use ultra-high purity Helium, medical grade oxygen and USP (medical & Oxygen compatible )-quality air. For this, we depend on a Partial Pressures Methodology. As an added safety feature, TRIMIX or HELIOX filled tanks are "rolled" for up to 10 minutes to ensure an even mixture. Each every tank is then electronically analyzed for oxygen and helium content and clearly labeled directly on the tank.

Gas % O2 % He % N2
Nitrox 50 20 0 50
Nitrox 80 80 0 20
Oxigeno 100 0 0
Trimix Normoxico 21 35 44
Helitrox 26 17 57
Trimix 18/45 18 45 37
Trimix 15/55 15 55 30
Argón 0 0 0
Oxygen Percentage
It is extremely important that you check the oxygen and Helium percentage in the tank you are using. At Meridiano, trimix rated tanks are clearly marked with yellow and red TRIMIX labels. Additionally we mark each TRIMIX cylinder with a label stating it's electronically analyzed oxygen and helium percentage and tank serial number.