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Setup and Services

The dry dock itself is roofed and can handle up to 18 craft (29 footers) at the same time. Of course, we can serve many more uncovered,and at a lower price. We are equipped with an 8,000 lbs. forklift unit and a Travel-lift crane which has a 200,000 lbs capacity - and an 80 ft maximum. In case of heavy weather, we have another 4,500 square meters of protected space available, safely away from the reach of the sea.

Facilities to guard 18 ships of no more than 30 feet from the weather.

Forklifts to 8000 lbs

Travelift to 200,000 lbs

Our Marina and Shipyard

Protected Zone

In the event of a contingency such as a hurricane, Meridian 87 has more than 4500 m 2 of protected area to store boats away from the sea.