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Air for scuba diving

Filling diving tanks is Meridiano 87's specialty.

Very simply, we offer you the finest quality scuba diving air service in Mexico and probably the Caribbean. Plus, we have over twenty years experience in the field to back up that claim.

Our facilities are cutting-edge and our filling capacity is large enough to enable us to deliver 180 tanks an hour. We stock over 2,000 tanks and so can cover any need that may arise on Cozumel Island. You can either rent tanks directly from us or bring your own. We have a large selection of different types of tanks to suit your diving needs.

But more importantly, with us, safety comes first.

Safety first

At Meridiano 87, we have a deeply felt commitment to quality, and especially to your safety. For this reason, Lawrence-Factor in the United States certifies our product every 3 months, ensuring excellence and adherence to world standards.

Daily, we run additional checks to monitor humidity and CO2 content in the tanks. Also we maintain automatic inline carbon monoxide monitors. Our newest addition is an Analox ACG analyzer. This automatic system continuously monitors and records not only CO but Oxygen content, VOC levels (Volatile Organic Compounds), Carbon Dioxide and Humidity. Using this system and our daily checks we can completely guarantee our air meets the most stringent of standards.

These are some of the reasons that allow us to be resolute in stating that Meridiano offers you the finest diving air service at Cozumel and possibly all of Mexico. Please read our fill policy and F.A.Q. for further information.